TallariumCredo - helpful custom Credo rules

TallariumCredo is a set of custom rules to enforce certain conventions in the company’s codebases that are not covered by existing Credo checks.

  • TallariumCredo.Checks.DefinitionOrder - functions should be ordered in a top-down fashion.
  • TallariumCredo.Checks.Destructure - encourage consistent use of Destructure
  • TallariumCredo.Checks.EctoOnlyMacroSyntax - permit only the use of the macro syntax from the Ecto.Query module.
  • TallariumCredo.Checks.NoRuntimeAccess - disallows runtime access to the specified modules.
  • TallariumCredo.Checks.NoSpecParameterNames - disallows the use of parameter names in the spec.

Perhaps some of these will make their way to a community or the main Credo rules, and feedback and assistance in doing so would be appreciated.