Teaching intro to testing in Elixir for free

I’d love to teach a group of 4-5 developers the basics of testing in Elixir (for free).

I’m thinking two to three 1-hour group sessions.

You have to overlap with 8am-3pm ET.

If you’re interested, you can sign up here :point_right: https://forms.gle/SgDfW8ec9pR8dBJn8


The mentioned time slot for the overlap seems to be:

12:00:00 PM7:00:00 PM

(Bogus date, as discourse can’t deal with just the time)


Hi German,

Great opportunity :slight_smile:
What would be needed technical wise? Microphone, camera? Special software?

Great question!

Yes, I would do a video call. And people would need to have Elixir installed so we can create a mix project and run tests.

On what level of experience do you think will the course be?

Will it tackle only basic testing? Will it cover Mocks and/or Mox? Property based testing? Mutation testing? Etc?

I have the same questions as @NobbZ: can you give us a rough overview on what do you plan to cover?

Found the answer… I checked the form:

Are you a beginner in testing Elixir?
□ Yes
□ No (if you click this, please don’t fill the rest of the form :sweat_smile:)

So seems to be more at the beginners side…

Oh. Right. I didn’t even do that. Thanks for checking and alright then. :sweat_smile:

Yeap, thanks for checking.

To be clear, it’s not a course. I just want to teach a few devs an intro into testing Elixir to see what kinds of questions/issues people run into when learning to test in Elixir. That’s why I’m teaching it for free.

I don’t have a clear curriculum either. I have a potential outline, but it’ll be based on the level the 4 or 5 people have and the kinds of questions they have.

If this works out well, I might do the same for intermediate and advanced testing in Elixir. But one step at a time. :smile:

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Thanks everyone! I think I have a good group now. Excited to see what we can make of this.


Hi @germsvel , I just filled the form as I’m interested by learning on tests.

I’m very new to programming in general, and currently learning with Elixir for a concrete project.

If ever you decide to do other groups, I should be available!