Team organization to create CRM

Greetings I am new to this forum. Perhaps the wrong section, then I apologize.
I work on my project for which I am creating a web application. React-Redux(JS) & Phoenix.
This application I want to make more or less universal, with the ability to use somewhere else. I am looking for those who, like me, are just beginning to master these technologies in order to collaborate on a project.


Thank you for helping to move the topic to the desired section.
I, more than a year ago, took the Phoenix-Trello project and began reworking it for myself, at the same time redoing them to new versions of libraries. As a result, significantly reworked the structure of the project, sorting out roughly what and how it works along the way. It hardly manages to deal with the frontend. I want to use Semantics instead of Bourbon.
Now I am also trying to figure out the ExChat.
Then I want to combine the functionality into a single project, continuing to increase the functionality.

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Redid on new versions of libraries ExChat.
Now I want to combine this application with Phoenix-Trello, but they have authentification in different ways. It is necessary to make so that authentication was unified. Then you need to add roles so that the admin can edit and delete content and so on.

Image Builder

There is a popular application Trello, which is convenient to use for organizing joint activities. For the organization of the team is enough chat and a similar application. To create the Image Builder, I chose two small projects available on Github, with similar functionality. (All terms are here The main task, when choosing, was to have them implemented on the React-Redux (JS) and Phoenix (Elixir) web stack. The choice of these technologies was due to the fact that they are close to the functional paradigm, allow you to create fast and fault-tolerant, one-page web applications with rich functionality. Office terminology Trello confused me, some boards with sheets and cards. But having changed it to trees with branches and leaves, I got a clear idea how to organize the work of the Designer of Images and then the whole System of Imitation of Thinking. Chat rooms (channels) can be represented as dialogues that are conducted among themselves by system users. Users are both intelligent agents (SIM characters) and real people working with the system.

Each character owns two trees, a virtual environment and a real one, each tree contains many branches, complex Images (or Collections), the leaves are simple Images. The branching in the original Trelo is limited, but in the Designer of Images the number of investments can be any, respectively, a branch extending from the tree can be divided into other branches. Leaves can be transferred anywhere, within a common tree. Moreover, the leaf remembers which branch it appeared on, and also, those branches that it touched, it also remembers the duration and strength of the connection with the branch, keeping the connection with all of them. All SIM characters can exchange information with the general storage, which is a separate two trees, where the most relevant information is copied. Newly created characters use the central repository as a base to form their trees. People, system operators, create their own pair of trees, describing their own ideas about the world order.

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I now have a lot of work to translate the interface into a uniform form. I want to use

On Githab laid out the project I can not completely configure the work with sockets, because of the transfer to new libraries, because for now I’m confused in the data views.

I would be grateful if someone could help with the solution of this problem. Perhaps there will be willing to participate in the development of the project.