Tech Lead - Nested, London, UK (Hybrid)

Introductory paragraph

Nested are looking for a Tech Lead! The role is 60% hands on, full stack Elixir/GraphQL/React and 40% team leadership and management. If redefining an entire industry is a challenge that motivates you, let’s have a chat!

About us

My name: Jessie Beech
My position: Senior Software Engineer
Company name: Nested
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): London, UK
Company info and history:

Started in 2016, Nested is an estate agency built for the 21st century, fixing the home selling process with great technology.

We’re searching for a current or aspiring Tech Lead who is excited to join our fantastic product and engineering team. You’ll work on our market-leading customer app and CRM, bringing transparency to customers during a traditionally opaque process and giving our Partner Agents superpowers through technology.

We are a small but supportive team and pride ourselves on our friendly and collaborative culture. We believe engineers work best when they’re in tune with users, the business and each other - so we hire people who can communicate well and care about the products and people they work with.

We have a flat team structure and don’t focus on job titles. Everyone’s opinion is important, and everyone’s ideas are welcome. Our engineering values: ‘Optimise for simplicity’, ‘Unidirectional flow of data’ and ‘Write it for the next engineer’ are the culmination of our learnings over the years and underpin many of the decisions we make.

We want somebody who is happy leading and supporting engineers, while also getting hands-on in the codebase themselves.

About the job

Job title: Tech lead
Job description: See below
Salary range: £80k - £100k
Position on remote work: Hybrid - one day a week in our London office.
Qualifications or experience required: We welcome applications from existing tech leads/managers or senior engineers looking to take their first management role.
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

On a day-to-day basis you could be:

  • Having business impact:

    • By working closely with a product manager, designer and feature lead engineer to figure out the delivery of our next great product feature.
    • By owning the delivery for your team, and supporting the feature leads in each project.
    • By contributing to new features yourself as part of a cross-functional team, pairing with other engineers where it makes sense.
  • Having technical impact - by contributing to the support and improvement of our services we need to maintain and engaging with cross-team architectural decisions.

  • Helping your team grow - by coaching, mentoring, teaching, sponsoring and generally pushing forward the careers of the engineering team. By using metrics and processes as tools to streamline development and generally grease the wheels.

  • Contributing to our culture and teams’ wellbeing - for example by organising a social or two.

  • Contributing to our brand and reputation within the industry - for example by blogging, running a work experience day for local school children or mentoring an intern for a few months.

You could be a great fit for Nested if:

  • You’re empathetic and good with people, you love leading people and developing their careers.
  • You’re hands-on and like to get things done, that merge button is so satisfying. We can be flexible and shape the role to your career aspirations, but we’d estimate about 60% of this role is hands-on coding and pairing.
  • You’re motivated by a great product, solving problems for people through technology.
  • You’re always looking for ways to improve the team and processes, and like to use metrics to track changes in a quantitative way.
  • You care about good practices e.g. writing tests, code reviewing, and prioritising work that has the most business impact.
  • You nurture a growth mindset and are willing to learn new things (for example, our primary backend language, Elixir!)

About the interview process

Stage 1: A chat over Zoom with our Direct of Product, Matthew, where we get to learn more about one another and see if the role is a good fit for both parties.

Stage 2: A live coding session with one of our engineers over Zoom. We’ll work through a problem together in a language of your choice, with you typing and screen sharing. If we have time, we’ll also do an ‘Introduction to Elixir’ exercise in an online environment - no need to prepare for this, it is designed for individuals with zero Elixir experience.

Stage 3: Meet one of our founders and one other member of the team for your final (non-technical) interviews. If possible, we do this in-person in our office in Farringdon, London.

Further info

Apply with the link below, or if you have questions before applying, feel free to reach out to