Technology Predications

Most of us here have already predicated that functional languages and concurrent, parallel systems are the future, but what else do we think?

Where do we think our, and the wider technology industry is heading?

It doesn’t just have to be code or hardware related, it can be thoughts on tech-company related acquisitions, them moving in (sometimes surprising) directions, etc

My first prediction is that Elixir is going to be one of, if not the most prominent functional language for the next 10 to 20 years :003:

Why? Because it is both accessible/modern and (through Erlang) battle tested. I personally don’t think any other functional language comes close.


i’ll keep it narrowed to elixir
predictions/wishes :slight_smile:

the anti-code-formatter people will see the light.

more GenStage/Flow adoption in libs. GS/F is a work of art.

community will realize we can do better than httpoison.
more like plug, but in reverse.
JV mentioned GenHttp in talk but can’t find any info.

absinthe/gql will gain more mindshare.
people will get used to cqrs implicit in gql, then discover event sourcing and what @slashdotdash has been up to.

types will become more and more important

i havent been following orleans much, but where is erlang at with virtual actors? i remember that being something nice that erlang doesnt currently have.


What be???

maybe i should have left out that bit. my mind shifted to the future where people might desire virtual actors (a la orleans) which erlang doesn’t currently have. virtual actors may be on the distant horizon is all i meant to say. sorry for the confusion.
i also edited the original