Telemetry for Network Testing App

Hello everyone,

I’m in need of a telemetry library for my network testing application, mainly to track requests/second and success/failure rates.

I came across this Telemetry library on GitHub and wondered if anyone has experience with it. I’m looking for feedback on:

  • Integration ease with network apps
  • Reliability of metrics
  • Any limitations or better alternatives

Rolling my own is an option, but I am really hoping to not have to if there is a community consensus around the above library.


Handling telemetry is a pretty complex topic so you’re not likely to get traction on your forum thread without asking a few concrete questions. I’d start with something like Honeycomb and check their docs on how to integrate with Elixir. There are likely others but currently can’t remember.

Hi dimitarvp,

Thank you very much for your reply. Honeycomb certainly looks like a very useful and interesting solution - I’ll do some more reading about it and what it can do for me.

Honeycomb and other SaaS solutions are what accepts your telemetry and is giving you pretty dashboards and everything else. And you pay subscription for the pleasure.

Self-hosted options are:

Have in mind, those are where all telemetry ends up. You still need to add a bunch of stuff in your mix.exs to be able to have OTel (==OpenTelemetry) code interact with them.

I’d say pick one solution (I prefer OpenObserve for self-hosting FWIW) and start experimenting and come back to us if something is really stuck.