TerminusDB - The new kid on the block for Graph Databases

The Terminus Server is in Prolog… What? I though that it was a language from the past, but looks I am not in the loop!

They have this article that goes in detail about how the name come to be, the motivation and the main goal for it.

The name

Terminus was the Roman god of boundaries. He is an old Roman god — probably introduced by Romulus after the founding of the city. There is a famous story told of the last king of Rome (so disliked & proud that he was overthrown and the Republic declared) — he wanted to reshape Rome as an imperial capital and engaged in a large scale building programme. As part of his works, he set about reconstructing the Temple of Jupiter on the Capitol Hill. Tarquin thought that constructing a massive temple over the remains a holy site consecrated by Romulus would cement his place as a great King of Rome. To facilitate the reconstruction, the older shrines to various gods had to be removed; however, when they attempted to move the shrine of Terminus, it would not budge. Terminus was the immovable rock of the Capitol. Even Jupiter, the king of the gods, had to kneel to Terminus.

The motivation

We have long dreamed of a future where databases learn by automatically extracting information both from existing networked data-sources and from their users to continuously improve the reliability and accuracy of the information they contain.

The main goal

We wanted to build a database that would be capable of automatically generating sophisticated curation and analysis tools to allow users to access and manage the data they contain and to feed the results of these analyses into real-time automated workflows and learning algorithms. A big ask, but TerminusDB will be a strong step towards making it a reality.

From the TerminusDB site:

Does anyone here already took it for a spin?


You had me at Prolog. 100% chance I’ll check this out