Testing LiveView (self-published)

:wave: Hi everyone,

Earlier this year, I started working on a Testing LiveView course. I’m now happy to announce that the course is complete!

It has 28 short lessons, each focused on a single topic.

I hope the course will help people learn both the mechanics of testing LiveView but also the thought process I go through when choosing what to test and how to test things.

Testing applications in the wild is not always easy. There are many trade-offs involved, and features don’t always fit into the perfect way of testing we often see in courses.

So, during this course, we test a real Twitter clone, full of trade-offs, and we consider how to test the application best. By doing that, I hope that when you run into complex tests in the future, you’ll know how to evaluate trade-offs and choose the best test for your needs.

If that sounds interesting to you, check it at https://www.testingliveview.com/

Happy testing!


My Testing LiveView course is completely updated with Phoenix 1.7 and LiveView 0.18! (and soon to 0.19)

I rebuilt it from the ground up to make it utterly practical.

Each lesson is short and to the point, crafted from my experience testing LiveView apps in the wild, and refined by my ten years of practicing TDD.

If you’re looking for a great way to learn how to test LiveView apps, give it a look!

:point_right: https://www.testingliveview.com/


hello @germsvel are you working on updating it for LiveView 1.0?

@francois1 Yes, I plan on updating the course. But I don’t think there’s much to update. LiveView’s testing side hasn’t changed since v0.20, so the current course should cover how to test LiveView.

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