Testing Named Agents or any named Process

I was working on testing a named agent that was started by my application. In testing I had intermittent failures. I thought I would share how I was able to test the agent in a screencast.


I created a blog post out of this for anyone who would prefer a little writing. It isn’t a transcript of the screencast, but follows the code closely.



Nice one Amos - just a quick note, the audio is only coming out of the left speaker :lol:

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Thanks, @AstonJ, I’m not sure why. I also know that the audio and video don’t quite match up at one point. I’m just getting started using the editing software and it was tough. I’ll see if I can figure our how to make the audio come from both sides.


@AstonJ, well it looks like youtube doesn’t let you replace a video, and screen flow doesn’t let you set it to mono when exporting to youtube. I’m going to make another video file with fixed audio and just link to it. Thanks again for the info.


Here is the updated link with better sound. Enjoy.


Nice - I added it to the first post for you :023:

It’s great to see more and more people putting up videos like this, thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks, again. I’m going to try and keep it up. Right now I have no client work so it is easy, but I still have to pay the bills.


Okay, you’ve inspired me. Although it isn’t perfect I’m going to do this the agile way and build it up as I go. I want to create content all the time, but I also want it to be freely available. I thought I would start a Patreon account just to see what happens. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5010173

Is this a crazy idea?


@adkron Thanks for this!

I had a completely incorrect understanding of how use ExUnit.Case, async: true behaved!
The docs spell it out:

3) Notice we pass “async: true”, this runs the test case

concurrently with other test cases. The individual tests

within each test case are still run serially.

use ExUnit.Case, async: true

The tests within a single file are never run concurrently, TIL!


No not at all - one of the best things of making educational content is it makes you better at your own game. I am paraphrasing Ryan Bates there (aka of Railscasts fame).


I recently ran into this problem and came up with the same solution. I’m a relative newcomer to Elixir, so feels nice to know I’m not out writing code unlike others. Dependency Injection helps out again.