Textile - Render Textile using a (precompiled) Rustextile NIF

First off, the silly app that I work on uses Textile (yeah, whole other convo). Second off, there are no Erlang or Elixir packages that render Textile. I’m kinda salty about that (:joy:), but I discovered Rustler… and there is a Rust package that can render Textile!

So here’s my Elixir Textile package that is a NIF around Rustextile. Huge shout out to rustler and rustler_precompiled. It’s mind blowing to me how easy they make this. And how they let charlatans like me be able to do this stuff like this! Huge props for that.

Seriously. Can I write a Rust function? Yes. Can I write an Elixir function? Yes. Can I wire the two up? Absolutely hell no. It feels like Rustler gave me some kind of super power!

Anyway, here is an Elixir package to render Textile using a NIF around Rustextile.

Oh, I can’t get the NIFs to build on Windows. Oh well. Can anyone help out with that? It has to do with building a vendor’ed version of openssl.