The Blockchain (distributed ledger technology)



This is why the name ‘Mixture’ might be a bad idea, as we already have the ‘Mix’ build tool, which might confuse some people.

That being said, I do like original names :smiley: (and bonus points for a play on words).

Another thought: What would be really cool, is if the project is written in a way that is general/modularized enough to let you swap out in what way a consensus is reached.


I was talking about it with a partner of mine yesterday. Need some studying, but I’ll definitely try to do something (after some research of how blockchains work)!


I came up with some possible names while on the plane over the weekend. Here are some which I like:

  • Beamchain
  • Blockbeam
  • Beamledger
  • Ledgerex
  • AssetBeamer

… and of course Hyperledger BEAM which sounds rad as hell. Actually to even get to the Hyperledger proposal phase is a significant amount of work and requires a dedicated team. Maybe some day…


I prefer 1st: Blockbeam; 2nd: Beamchain; 3rd: Ledgerex


I would love to be involved in something like this. Is there a project underway that needs contributions?


I started poking around on a separate branch but haven’t been back to it because life stuffs :101:

@rps17 - Out of those three, I think I like Beamchain the most. Anyone else in favor?


Somebody sad that banking industry is boring … :slight_smile:

I heard that one company working with Microsoft is


This project looks interesting.


Topics talked in episode



Hear me now, believe me later… blockchain will be just as revolutionary as the internet ever was (if not more).

…And that revolution is long, long overdue.


To give another view / argument to the discussion:

Edit: Adding a link to the Mastering Bitcoin Book on Github (I did not see it in the links above):


Hi everyone!

I’m new to Elixir and want to practice my knowledge of it by developing something awesome.

I also recently learned about blockchains and consider to practice both topics. I see that you have a long-running discussion here. Could anybody elaborate what is the status of it right now? Can I help somehow? Any repo to contribute in?


Hello everyone,

I’m actually writing my research paper on "Blockchain To Help Developing Countries " (That’s actually my research proposal, just started). I also wrote a very very basic blockchain in Elixir ( to have a better understanding. I took pointers from this video: With all the information out there I still feel quite lost I would really like to contribute in this project to have a better understand of it. Or, if anyone would be willing to guide me to better understand each part that makes the blockchain.


Hello @uranther,

thanks for a structuring a ton of educational material. Do you have any kind of particular application in mind? I believe there are lots of already usable tokens not to say about Blockchain sidechains.



@uranther I’m looking to contribute. Is there any low hanging fruit?

I’m currently doing some readings on blockchain, and interested in proof of concept of how that works in code. Just to see how the magic works first. Any direction where I should look for in the code?


if someone have time and interested …

The ConsenSys Academy Developer Program is a free, highly selective and carefully designed 10-week online curriculum where you will immerse yourself in blockchain development and earn a ConsenSys blockchain certification. By completing the program, you will be eligible for immediate hire by ConsenSys, a leader in the blockchain space, focused on the Ethereum platform. If you want to learn about blockchains, and become a developer for blockchain technology, check out the ConsenSys academy, by going to Applications are open from now until July 1 so you want to apply soon. To learn more about ConsenSys and Ethereum, please visit, and sign up for the ConsenSys weekly newsletter for everything you need to know about the blockchain space.


Hello all,

I made a “naive” blockchain in Elixir, inspired by existing implementations in JS and Haskell (links in the readme). I made this for educational purpose to improve my Elixir skills but this might (hopefully) be a good starting point.

Any feedbacks/contributions are welcome and you can let me know what you think here.



Hello all,

If anyone is interested in the intersection of Elixir and blockchain, there is a blockchain project likely to employ Elixir. Please, take a look at the ad I linked to in a post in Elixir - jobs section.

More on topic: this is an extremely useful and interesting thread!

There also seems to be an Elixir Merkle Patricia Tree implementation, rlp, evm, which are all essential components of ethereum functionality.

I found these using this, but hadn’t yet had the chance to look into. I certainly will soon, though!