The EEF is having its 2023 board elections

Hello all,

The EEF is having its 2023 board elections

Board Election 2023, Call for Candidates

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation is set up as a community organization, to be run for and by the community. As such, the role of board member is assigned by a democratic process, where voting members get to run and vote for their preferred candidates.

The process to be followed is described in legalese in our bylaws, but this page will explain clearly how we plan for this to be working forwards.

Important Dates

The following dates are important to the campaign:

  • February 25: Elections announced, people can submit their candidacy
  • March 10: Last day to submit your candidacy. Email acceptance ends at midnight PT on the 11th
  • March 11: Votes are open
  • March 18: Votes are closed

Once again, visit EEF 2023 board elections for details.


For full transparency, I will not be renewing my mandate this cycle and there’s at least one spot that’s guaranteed to go to a new board member!

I’m personally leaving to give some room to new faces and to find a better work/life/side-projects balance in my life, and I’ll still be hanging around the build & packaging working group.

If anyone has questions about what being a board member entails, let me know. It’s not necessarily a huge time commitment, although someone willing to put more time into it than I did is likely to have a better impact on the overall community.


Thank you!


We have our initial candidates and more on the way :slight_smile: . Remember you have until March 10th to put your hat in the ring.

Initial candidates


Hello all,

Due to procedural issues the deadline for submitting your candidacy and thus all other subsequent deadlines have been extended by one week. The following dates now apply going forward :

  • March 17th: Last day to submit your candidacy. Email acceptance ends at midnight PT on the 18th
  • March 18th: Votes are open
  • March 25th: Votes are closed
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Hello all!

Just a friendly reminder that you have until Friday at 12am PT to cast your vote in the 2023 board election.

Annual, lifetime, and active contributing members, check your email for details! :slight_smile: