The Elixir Appreciation Thread

Want to express your gratitude towards someone in the Elixir community? Then this thread is just for you!

As many of you will know, sometimes working on open source projects can feel like a thankless task - so let’s try to make sure that nobody who works on Elixir related stuff ever feels that way :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick reminder of those helping make Elixir the best it can be:

  • Those working on Elixir itself
  • Popular libraries or tools and their creators
  • Stalwarts of the community - helping others with their questions/problems etc
  • Creators of learning material / books / videos / docs / guides / blog posts etc
  • Conferences and meet-ups and their organisers
  • Companies that sponsor Elixir related things
  • Welcoming and friendly members of the community who help attract more people
  • Elixir supporters and evangelists

If you feel someone has helped you, or is helping Elixir be the best it can be, please take a little time to thank them - even if you do so privately. Heartfelt gratitude is almost always welcomed and can even be inspiring.

So… who or what do you appreciate in Elixir…


I’ll start…

  • José for giving us Elixir and being such a cool guy overall. Many of you will know him from the Ruby world and can attest that he’s the same ol José; he’ always been this amiable, talented, hard working and down to earth :slight_smile:

  • Plataformatec for allowing José to work on Elixir full time :slight_smile:

  • The Elixir core team :slight_smile:

  • Chris McCord for creating Phoenix :slight_smile:

  • The Phoenix core team :slight_smile:

  • Dockyard for allowing Chris to work on Phoenix full time :slight_smile:

  • Robert Virding, Joe Armstrong and Mike Williams (and Ericsson!) - for giving us Erlang :slight_smile:

  • Everyone who works on Elixir libraries :slight_smile:

  • Everyone who helps others by creating learning material / vids / posts / guides / docs / books :slight_smile:

  • Our Sponsors

  • All of the mods on this forum who help make my life easier :lol:

  • All of the members on this forum who make my life harder :101: Just kidding! I have to say, our members have been a pleasure to ‘admin’ and it’s been great getting to know so many of you on the forum - not just the tech you like, but other things that give an insight into who you are too, such as by the music you listen to, what you watch on the tele, the places you visit, what you do on the weekends, your interests and a whole lot more! I am also continually surprised at the breadth of knowledge, friendliness (and tact!) our members display - we set the bar high in the programming world for sure!


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Props to the people listed here, especially @AstonJ, for building such a great community on ElixirForum, and the people not listed there for shaping the community the way it is now. I don’t know if I would ever find a friendlier group of people on the programming language landscape. With José leading, I think it’s a given it would be friendly :slight_smile:

Also for the folks who seem to be active all the time on Slack! Thanks for constantly helping newcomers to Elixir.

(You’ve essentially taken all the required shoutouts, Aston, so I’ll just like your post :smile:)