The fastest ⚡ way to digest ElixirConf talk videos

Hi devs,

The ElixirConf YouTube channel is a treasure of knowledge. It taught me so much and kept me up to date.

However, watching all the videos are time consuming since they are not really “browsable”.

I’d like to share my solution to this problem: (disclaimer: I built it)

This is how it looks like (featuring Chris Grainger’s awesome keynote about doing AI in Elixir for profit):

You can find some recent ElixirConf talks here. And more are coming. You can also suggest videos to be added.

Feedback and bug reports are very welcomed.

Happy learning!


This is really cool - congrats! :023:

What did you build it with? What’s going on under the hood?

Suggestion: Instead of asking for an email address on submission for a completion update, do you think it might be worth just providing a URL or saying check back here in XX minutes to see when it’s done? Or maybe provide a progress bar with an ETA? I think more people might use it that way :smiley:


Thank you for your kind words, and I will think about your suggestion.

The backend server is written in, unsurprisingly, Elixir. The processing pipelines use machine learning stuffs, so they are written in Python. I actually tried what was mentioned in the talk above about using Elixir for ML. But I cannot get axon_onnx to successfully import a model. So I have to give it up for now. It’s indeed tempting for me to have the pipelines also in Elixir. I probably will try again later.


I was hoping you’d say Elixir :003:

I hope you do - good luck :023: