The forum needs YOU! (We’re expanding our team!)

Ever fancied being on the Mod team but felt you lacked the time, experience or confidence? Want to to get more involved with the forum but don’t know where to start? Keep reading if so!

As a forum grows so do the number of awesome members (yep, that means you!) who’d love to get more involved with the forum but might not want to be a full-on moderator - either because they lack the time required of a mod, or just don’t feel ready for that kind of responsibility. So as a forum gets a little older, it makes sense to introduce various kinds of groups to the team - albeit with more specific roles.

Traditionally we usually have a ‘Mentors Team’ (who are responsible for helping newcomers, making them feel welcome, etc), Section Mods (who moderate specific forum sections) as well as teams who oversee community initiatives (such as games or quizzes, ‘in-the-hot-seat’ type initiatives, etc). However, on here, I think we can go much further :003:

Here’s a list of teams/areas that we reckon could be fun and beneficial for all of involved:

  • A welcome team - helping to promote a welcoming atmosphere, friendliness, helpfulness, etc
  • A helpers team - for those keen on helping members with their questions, perhaps with a view to forming some kind of organised structure in how to go about it
  • A lookout team - members looking out for spam, edit-spam, any interpersonal issues that may be brewing, out-dated content, broken links, etc
  • An edit team - those editing titles so they are more descriptive, re-categorising threads to the most suitable sections, adding tags that are appropriate for threads, etc
  • An education team - posting threads in accordance with our templates for new and upcoming learning resources such as books and courses
  • An updates team - keeping members up to date with the latest news/updates/etc
  • And then teams for community-initiatives - such as for the (proposed) Glossary Section, In The Hot Seat, Wikis, Conference Threads, etc

Basically, if you want to get involved with the forum we’re bound to be able to find something that suits you!

There’s more too - our new teams will get an insight into our internal policies and procedures on the culture of the forum, our ethos, and guidelines on how to deal with specific issues. In many ways you can view these teams as the first step towards Mod-dom, so if you fancy being a mod now or in the future, this is a fantastic place to start!

I think that covers it :slight_smile: if you’re interested or have any questions, please PM me to let us know :023:

If you’d like to give this a go all we ask is that you are on at least Trust Level 2, that you have never been suspended and that you’ve been a member for at least four months.


Several members have asked how to get to TL2… it’s actually quite easy :003:

You can check to see whether you have it by visiting this page - if there’s a green tick in the box it means you’ve got it :023: (You can also look at your profile - it shows as trust level ‘member’ and also shows as the ‘member’ badge in the badges section of your profile).


Just a quick note to say, 1) apologies for the delay in setting this up (things have been pretty hectic!) and 2) we hope to get this up and running soon - so if this is something that might interest you, please PM me to let me know :smiley: