The jason object when debugging enabled in JS

What exactly does the JSON object represent in JS console when debugging is enabled?
Is it supposed to contain only the diffs or all data baked into HTML elements?
I am asking because in my case, when using components (LV 0.14.7) and passing data to a component as assigns the JSON object in JS console contains virtually all the rendered data from the assigns regardless of whether changed or not, i.e. it is huge.
That plus, an array which I imagine is some component related mapping.

To paraphrase the question, is there a workaround to make LiveView not send the assigned values used throughout the template separately as data (whether changed or not) to the browser but rather have them rendered together with the template first and only then send the diffs reflecting just the actual changes?

I am aware that compartmentizing various segments into components may help but it comes at a price of additional meta data (most notably the helper array).