The Loop talk from Bruce Tate // Carolina Code Conference

This engaging keynote address delves into loops, the very heart of programming and the core of a virtually unknown nautical adventure. We’ll explore the voyage through a continuous waterway stretching over 6,200 miles across the Eastern U.S. and part of Canada as a common metaphor for both programming and the human experience.

Loops are an integral part of any programming language, at once powering repetition and iterative tasks while always leaving room for transformation. Loops also enable services that are at the core of the self-healing superpowers of Erlang, Elixir, and even Scala.

Come join us.

Target Audience: All Levels
Topics: otp recursion state-transitions
Presenter: @redrapids

The Carolina Code Conference is a polyglot conference that takes place every August in Greenville, SC. @redrapids provided our afternoon keynote with his incredible journey!

This was the only Elixir/Erlang related talk from this year’s event but all talks have been shared on YouTube for those interested.