The Phoenix LiveView Cookbook (self-published)

Hey Elixir Forum,

I’ve written a ebook called the Phoenix LiveView Cookbook which I’ve written in the hopes of distilling the knowledge I’ve gained from using LiveView in production for almost 4 years.

I love LiveView but I also found it really hard to find resources on implementing common patterns found in the web which other frameworks seem to have more available.

I’ve built dozens of side projects and projects at my company where I’m a lead full stack engineer so hopefully I have something I can teach you!

I go through the initial ideas of LiveView, compare it to other frameworks like React and talk about pros and cons, before going through the basics of form validation, nested forms, testing LiveView and components and then dive into recipes like server-side analytics, keeping users in sync in real-time and a bunch more.

The book released today but I’ve already had some really love reception from early readers and I figured this sub might benefit from it.

  1. Introduction

  2. Foreword

  3. What is LiveView

  4. Vs JavaScript: LiveView and React, Elixir and Node

  5. Building a House: An Analogy

  6. Core Knowledge

  7. Prerequisites

  8. Setting Up Your Environment

  9. LiveView Lifecycle and State Management

  10. Templating and Components

  11. Routing and Navigation

  12. Live Sessions

  13. Live Navigation

  14. Forms & Validations

  15. Keeping our users up-to-date in realtime

  16. Testing

  17. Unit Testing LiveViews

  18. Integration tests in LiveView

  19. Testing Components & LiveComponents

  20. What about testing interactions?

  21. Interoping with JavaScript

  22. Alpine.js

  23. LiveView.JS

  24. Testing JavaScript

  25. Common Recipes & How-tos

  26. Virtualised Lists and Infinite Scroll

  27. Real-time Search with ETS

  28. Serverside Analytics

  29. Asynchronous Task Handling

  30. Triggering CSS animations from the server

  31. Authorisation & Access Limitation

  32. Third-party Libraries you should know

  33. Feature Flagging

  34. Background Job Processing

  35. Administration

  36. Time/Data Parsing & Manipulation

There’s a short free chapter to get an idea of it if you’re not sure of purchasing the whole book and there’s a 10% off code here if you decided it was something for you!

Discount code: A3MDY2OA

The book is available here.

I’m also planning on updating it over time as people request more sections and ideas to expand upon so please provide any feedback on how I can improve it and I’ll do my best!


Been going through the book today, really recommend it! Excellent content, beautiful design, and information-dense. Thanks for writing it, it’ll be a valuable resource for the community!

Thank you so much Cless, so happy that you’re enjoying the content!

Would you be happy for me to quote you on the website?

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I would be more than happy!


Which LiveView version is used in your book and are there any plans to update it?

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