The State of Email Attachments

Hey folks!

Relatively simple problem without (as far as I can yet tell) a simple solution: sending emails with attachments. None of the libraries on seem to support attachments, much less with something like Amazon SES.

There’s :gen_smtp which I think provides a basic mime encoder but the API and documentation are not the friendliest.

What’s everyone doing right now for email attachments?


mailman supports attachments… haven’t tried it myself though.

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Interesting, I seem to have missed that. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it supports SES but if I can at least get it to render the raw email (which looks possible) then I could use the SES raw email API.

It’s old topic, but I don’t want to start new one.
Does anyone of you know is it possible now to add attachments using bamboo and bamboo_smtp (basically :gen_smtp)?

Swoosh now supports attachments.

Bamboo from master supports attachments, however only the mandrill adapter currently supports the feature. It was just bumped to 1.0-rc1 in the last week, so this should hopefully come out soon. Still, the other adapters need to be extended with support for it.

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I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at services like SendWithUs that give you an API and management interface to deliver through any mail provider that you want, but it could give you a different take on the problem.

Maybe some of us should try to add gen_smtp support to Bamboo so that it can do smtp attachments…

An smtp adapter already exists. Yesterday I started a local branch that supports attachments … I plan on finishing it up today and submitting a pull request. So … let’s see :slight_smile:


I’m happy to take a look and test it out.

There’s a PR request on the bamboo_smtp repo for this; not by me and it’s been there since late Jan. So hopefully now that rc1 of bamboo 1.0 is out and up on (including attachment support) this PR will get merged. :slight_smile: