The village of programmers

Hello, everyone!

I’m a Ruby and Rails developer from Russia. I live in a village where everyone is a programmer.

I started to learn Elixir because another company invited me to work with the language. I already postponed changing my job and still working with Ruby. But I so liked the language and ideas behind it that I decided to continue learning and build a pet project with it.


Everyone is a programmer? How did that happen??


Isn’t it kind of off topic here? :slight_smile:

Sure not really everyone. Children are not programmers yet and not all the wives can program. One of my close neighbors - a family where a husband and a wife are both Rails programmers.

We’re building a village from scratch far from big cities where everyone works online. We can do there everything we want in the way we want. Now there are just 10 families but should be close to 60.


Haha! Really amazing, a non-virtual programmer community! Keep us informed of how stuff is going there!!


Haha yeah - this is awesome! The funny thing is it’s exactly what I’d love to do one day here in Wales :003: (although luckily here most of Wales can be considered ‘semi-rural’ (if you count Valleys towns etc) and already have good broadband).

Here’s the translated page btw:

I think we can also split this into a dedicated thread :023:


All the news usually go to our instagram page.

Sadly everything is in Russian (because we are Russian). There was a person from Brazil who lived there for a while but something went wrong and he went back home.

Thanks for that! If anyone has questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Very interesting - and the place looks great!

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No. It’s not just illegal it’s a serious crime here as far as I know.

It’s probably everywhere, if pursued formally or intentionally indeed

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Huh? What is? I couldn’t find a reference in prior posts? o.O

The reference was in the previous post… now edited.

Are you planning on doing self-governance & self-sustainability?

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Forgot to mention that this summer we have a kind of bootcamp there and really want to see some people from abroad. The information is there.