The Weather Scout - Explore Historical Weather Anywhere in the US

I do a lot of backpacking, bikepacking and other outdoor activities, for which trip planning is critical. An important component of camping in certain spots is knowing what the low temperatures could look like. NOAA has fantastic data for the US and they do a study every 10 years but their website is lacking in terms of ease of use. I have been exploring Elixir, Phoenix, Ecto and LiveView heavily over the past few months and thought I could put it all to use and create my first site in the wild. Right now the site focuses on temperature data as it is the “easiest” to extrapolate (if a weather station is at 6k ft and you are camping at 10k ft nearby then you can bet it will be colder by around 15 degrees, more or less depending on the type of air, etc).

Anyways, the link is
Hopefully others find it useful and even come up with useful feedback/suggestions.

On a technical note, I used the new Phoenix auth generators and adapted to suit my needs (integrated with email, made confirmation mandatory, etc). Use tailwindcss extensively for the layout/styling to get off the ground quickly. The /weather page is LiveView with JS hooks for the mapboxgl map and the apexcharts on the right hand side. I haven’t seen a lot of guides/blogs posted on hooks and interops with things like maps and charts (probably just because the hooks are so new), if anyone is interested I could do a more technical blog post.

Thanks for taking a look!


Hey! I’m just getting into setting up a LiveView with a mapboxgl map.

If you would care to mention any sources since posting this mid 2020 I’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

Kind regards