Thinking Outside the Synchronisation Quadrant - Kevlin Henney


The long, slow burn of gently and imperceptibly convincing imperative programmers that the actor-model is actually a good idea.

  • A reworked version of his Functional C++ talk focusing on the drawbacks of threads and locks.
  • Lots of great quotable programming quotes from various sources.
  • Only passing reference to Erlang (and Occam) @36:38

The usual caveats:


Declarative Thinking, Declarative Practice - Kevlin Henney

  • Kind of a companion talk to the one above - with a little bit of an overlap around 1:05:53 but nothing too major.
  • The talk explores why and how to adopt a declarative style in code and test in order to more effectively communicate intent. A large portion of the code is in Python, though Haskell has a cameo appearance, and there are smatterings of Java, C and shell script.
  • Erlang code actually makes an appearance @1:14:22: “if we use something like Erlang, we can actually have a very elegant way of describing the stack just purely in functions” (running a BEAM process - it’s a bit peculiar as elements are stored in the function call stack rather than the process state).
  • Overall worthwhile listening to.

Thank you for sharing these, @peerrynders! I’ve now watched the first talk. The main thing I think I’ve learned from it are some nice quotes and ways to convince people that the actor model is a better way to think about concurrency.