Thoughtworks technology-radar-vol-18




Is it just me or did anyone else find that report mostly irrelevant? None of the technologies I’m interested in were mentioned - seems more enterprisey with a bias for things like Java?


i.e. where the deep pockets are …


i.e. nothing earth shattering has changed since Mar 2017 that warrants a blip on the radar.


That’s why I love Elixir (and Ruby) they empower everyday folk, the underdogs :heart: :purple_heart:


I haven’t even heard of most of those.


That’s the point. They don’t report mature things on the RADAR unless they start capturing mindshare or get radically updated. Things (like Swift) move on the RADAR when they are new, but then fall off.


I saw Godot, that’s interesting.


EMQ looks pretty cool. Win for Erlang/OTP (and Elixir by association)


The only thing that caught my interest on that is WebAssembly, didn’t know it reached 1.0. I will try to compile BEAM to it whenever I have time, maybe that could be an option to ElixirScript :slight_smile: