Thoughtworks Technology Radar Volume 26 - SPA as default now put on hold

Just a brief mention of the Thoughtworks Technology Radar Volume 26

They now put using SPA as default for frontends on hold, citing Hotwire as a good alternative (unfortunately not mentioning LiveView and also Elixir seems to have disappeared completely from the radar):

We believe that many websites will benefit from the simplicity of server-side logic, and we’re encouraged by techniques like Hotwire that help close the gap on user experience.


I was trying to wrap my head around hotwire last couple of weeks and tried to use it on an existing phoenix app (without liveview).

It was relatively easy to setup and I found it really great for simple interactions. Unfortunatly I cant find anything like LiveView JS hooks so I still had to write some js for some things.

The radar generally tracks entries only when they “move”, which most likely means they consider Elixir still as Trial.

At Grilla we will prove that it is more than Trial! :imp: We are all in with Elixir and Liveview.

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