Tietopaketti - Simple public metrics of your server

I made a little dashboard to see my instance’s basic OS metrics: https://social-dash.ahlcode.fi/

It’s quickly whipped up with LiveView, the ugly source is at https://gitlab.com/Nicd/tietopaketti. It’s still missing disk and network statistics, and load averages. And maybe some styling to make it look less bad, and setup instructions. :sweat_smile: But then I’ll consider it feature complete. It’s just something small I did since I wanted to see my server’s state without being able to change anything (Live Dashboard and most other tools I found require gating behind authentication).

This is not a library but I didn’t know which other forum category to use.

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Any particular reason for the GNU license?

This is tool, not library. In that way AGPL isn’t that problematic. Not that I am a fan of GNU as an organisation or their licenses, but in this case it is fairly reasonable choice.

It is a tool, however the tool is embedded into the project, so it becomes a problem if you don’t want to use this license.

It’s just a default, I didn’t think too much of it. If you have a good use for it, I can give you a more open license. :slight_smile: Note that it doesn’t infect your codebase if you use it standalone.

Let’s not derail the thread too much with licensing discussion.