TinyMCE or any RichTextEditor disappears because of phx-change!

Hi everybody,
I am working on some form and I need to use RichText - any WYSIWYG - and I used phx-hook to hook TinyMCE and also tried Trix and it works fine and appear for my textarea but once I enter any character in any input field in the form, the RichText Editor disappears!! When I remove the phx-change binding from the form_for, the editor persist. How to keep it always shown during filling the other fields of the form or editing any populated form?!!

Sometimes also when I edit any existing post, I don’t see the RichText editor at the beginning and I need to refresh the page.

Try adding phx-update="ignore" to the surrounding div/container to tell LV not to mess with it on updates


Oooh man, REALLY thank you very much. All of this time I put phx-update=“ignore” on the element itself textarea but not the surrounding div. I REALLY appreciate your reply. THANK YOU.