To Kit or Not to Kit - anyone used LiveSAASKit?

Hi Everyone

I’ve recently picked up and put down Elixir+Phoenix.
Work and Life happens… :pensive:

Reviewing my notes,
I’m currently busy with Programming Phoenix LiveView (excellent b.t.w).

Black Friday is upon us soon and I see LiveSAASKit is discounted. Currently doing Python daily, however I thought this would help me to hit the ground running on play/internal projects.

My actual question, has anyone played/used this product and what are your thoughts (yay, nay, slay?)

As always your help and opinions would be appreciated.


Hey. I created the product but dont let that discourage people from (negative) feedback. You can try the concept here first:

Make sure to have A recent version of Phoenix installed. Preferbly the latest.


Edit, my opinion is that I would think twice in general. I have tried to be so modular as possible but in some cases I have taken some opinionated decisions because something I just need to decide on. But when I start sideprojects, I usually just go for a few of the features from the start. For example, there is no reason to add Stripe integration until you have a near complete project. Kind of the same with admin and a few other things.

I can’t help you much as Im in similar position - dipping into it all when I can and trying to keep up with LV changes this past year while I get to grips with FP, Supervisors, behaviours et al (I come from react world)

I did play with the old boilerplate generator last year and it was solid. Was tempted to pull the trigger on it simply as a learning resource for things like multi-tenancy, stripe, Oban &c.

I’m currently putting together a pipeline and boilerplate for a (potential) small project with ~200 end users. This kit would get me quite some way with that. Not so keen about relying on a codebase which I haven’t properly grokked, as against my own inferior code that I can reason about.

All that said, I have the luxury of being able to go all in on Elixir currently, so I think Ive talked myself into it as I can learn a lot from it even if I don’t implement with it.

Thanks for the heads up!

It’s good to see something like this that can help people get success with Phoenix quickly and also having the tutorials/course aspect to it.

If it was just a kitchen sink starter kit with everything pre-baked then I would have reservations but it is a modular course with working code that you can add as you go.

I have also read quite a few of your articles in the past which has been useful so I am inclined to believe that your kit would be quite good also.

I would personally make some different choices for UI components, I looked at flowbite but they need alpine.js and their markup is not semantically clean, and colours are embedded into the markup.

I much prefer the daisyUI approach with semantically correct html, tighter html with fewer classes and a separation of the colours/theme from the markup. It is also CSS only with no need for alpine.js.

With Ueberauth I would avoid given how they handle configuration being compile time which makes multi tenant customers with runtime configurable auth providers a difficult proposition. IMO Assent is the better pick here.

I also base my apps on the Ash framework domain modelling approach, which provides comprehensive features for access policies, API and a ton of other things with far less test drudgery required because so much is derived in the framework. I would suggest an Ash flavoured kit might also be something to consider in a future product variant

All that said, having a functioning reference implementation with a course guide is still very useful.

Well done!


Thank you Andreas for taking the time.
I’ll try it out as suggested.

Have a great weekend!