To translate into Japanese

Hello. I’m a Japanese.

For the present, there is not Japanese contents of the Phoenix website.

I consider making the web site of Phoenix readable to the Japanese, then I’d like to translate it into Japanese.

Is there a project to host different languages for it website?

Let the Japanese to learn it framework, please!


I’ve tried to do some translation projects as well in my past (target german), but during this I learned, that such a project is unmaintainable.

The process of translation is very longwind and important bits will not be translated fast enough, such that at the end you have a page which is only translated partially, but those parts that are are mostly out of date.

Also, as soon as one wants to use just another library, he will hit the english wall again.

So, in my opinion (not related to phoenix team though), if you want to create a japanese version of the page, have fun by doing so, but do not expect it beeing linked as an official translation.



I think this would be a super nice contribution for the adoption of Elixir, considering how big Ruby is in Japan and that many Japanese developers are not great with English.

Thank you for volunteering your time, @kat. ありがとうございます。

I’m not that good at Japanese (still learning) but I would be glad with this to help at some point.


Wow, that’s awesome! I’m a big Japan fan :077:

That sucks … even in my (Polish) language there are some tutorials.

That’s really awesome idea. Let me know if you would need a help. As @NobbZ it’s really, really hard to make it working really good with multiple languages, but personally I believe that creating a working translating system is possible - hard, but possible.

I asked @josevalim similar question. I wanted to create a Polish translations, but at least for now there are no plans for it and thinking how hard it could be to make it working up-to-date I’m not surprised.

I’m going to learn Japanese. If there is something I can help just let me know. :slight_smile:

Maybe consider reach somebody from elixirschool Japanese translators. As they are in topic maybe they could help you. Maybe they know about some Japanese tutorials. Also I heard that Koichi Sasada helped translate Dave Thomas’ Programming Elixir into Japanese.

Here is what I think you need in your website:

  1. Good database versioning
    Difference support which would be easy to process and preview for human is definitely must-have and it’s what lots of translator would see as comfortable.

  2. Well designed translation support
    That’s general, simply good idea on bad practices fails especially if something is really hard to finalize.

  3. Auto-import articles from official sources
    In most cases you need to have pretty good web scraping experience. You are probably going to change one document struct into your own to style it on your own, but without losing whole structure.

  4. Really good notification system
    Translators would be located in lots of countries. Different habits, different communicators, different apps, so different notification procedure. One notification way is definitely not enough. Translator needs to receive short, fast and good quality message as notification and described details when he will login.

  5. Contacts
    You need to know which people are ready to make translations and how much they are busy. I’m generally busy, but I should not have problem with creating Polish translations enough fast.

Only with all of this (+ of course much more) you are able to achieve your goals.


Even Japanese people feel that Japanese is difficult, so it is wonderful that you learn Japanese!

Thank you (Takk skal du ha) :bowing_man:


It was very hard for you, wasn’t it?

I’ve done translations several times in my past.
Although it is hard work, I’ve been fun to by doing it :slightly_smiling_face:

If there is any way, I’d like to do it.


I have experience in Ruby, but I have very few experience in Elixir about them.
Someday someone may converts ideas of your propose into action while I’m learning them.
Even so I’d learn them.

Thank you~ :bowing_man:


I live in Tokyo and am both fluent in English and Japanese.

I’m still learning Elixir and Phoenix but I’d love it if they became more popular in Japan!

I’ve never done translation but if there is anything that I could ever help with please let me know! :grin:


I’m very glad you said so.
Thank you~ :bowing_man:

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Hi! I’m Japanese, too. I can help.


I would like to contribute as well. I’m fluent in both Japanese and English.


I didn’t fancied that meeting the Japanese!

I’m thinking about it is possible by using Gettext supported by Phoenix to translate the web site.

However, I don’t have experience Phoenix framework… :joy:
That’s why I’m not able to convert its idea into action at any second.

On a different note, I translate the official web site of Elixir-lang into Japanese with two, three developers. on GitHub
Can you help our to translate if you are interested it?

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It’s very awesome!

As I said above people:

I’d learn to use Phoenix framework.

The English I write is awkward, but I’m glad you said so :smile:

I don’t recommend this. I would use database instead, so you would be able to have translations for every article per publish date and not everything statically. You also would have a problem with introducing notifications for developers and then they would need to contribute instead of nice translations web editor. I believe that it would be hard to maintain in such way.

Also I’m planning to work on my own version of ex_doc which would support translations and compiling documentation into scenic GUI app if you would be interested. However I would need to have some funds for that, because I would need to delay my other project from which I’m expecting to earn some money.



That explains why you said that above.
I seem to have to somehow learn even more :thinking:

Thank you for your detailed explanation :bowing_man:


The translated site looks great.
I’m sure it will be helpful for other Japanese developers who want to learn Elixir.

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Thank you~!
I hope Elixir-lang becomes lively in Japan as well.

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