Toggle-all isn't applying checkbox on every entry

I am following this tutorial: bulk_delete
But when i select the toggle-all checkbox it is not selecting the checkbox of every entry below in the table.
And giving me this error:

[error] GenServer #PID<0.3801.0> terminating
** (Protocol.UndefinedError) protocol Enumerable not implemented for "checked" of type BitString

Here’s my code:

<input type="checkbox" name="toggle-all" id="toggle-all" phx-click="toggle-all" phx-update="ignore" />
<% checked = if ( in @toggle_ids), do: "checked", else: IO.inspect(@toggle_ids)%>
            <tr id={"file-#{}"}>
                <input type="checkbox" name="toggle" phx-click="toggle"
                phx-value-toggle-id={} {checked} />
                 //other fields

This is my index.ex code:

@impl true
  def handle_event("toggle-all", %{"value" => "on"}, socket) do
    file_ids = socket.assigns.files |> &
    # IO.inspect(file_ids)
    {:noreply, assign(socket, :toggle_ids, file_ids)}

  def handle_event("toggle-all", %{}, socket) do
    {:noreply, assign(socket, :toggle_ids, [])}

  def handle_event("toggle", %{"toggle-id" => id}, socket) do
    id = String.to_integer(id)
    toggle_ids = socket.assigns.toggle_ids

    my_toggle_ids =
      if id in toggle_ids do
        Enum.reject(toggle_ids, &(&1 == id))
        [id | toggle_ids]

    {:noreply, assign(socket, :toggle_ids, my_toggle_ids)}

If you use the interpolation in html tags without an attribute, it must contain a keyword list (or map) with your values. In your case you could replace your

<% checked = if ( in @toggle_ids), do: "checked", else: IO.inspect(@toggle_ids) %>


<% checked = if ( in @toggle_ids), do: [checked: true], else: [] %>

or write it as

<% checked = in @toggle_ids %>
  <input type="checkbox" name="toggle" phx-click="toggle" 
    phx-value-toggle-id={} checked={checked} />
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Thank you soo much. Like i was stuck in it from around couple of hours. And now, Solved!!!
Thanks again. :smiley:

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