Toggle line comments in Livebook

I am working on a Windows 7 64-bit OS and Turkish Q keyboard. The keyboard shortcut CTRL-/ does not toggle line comments; could it because of my keyboard?

Do you have any browser extensions installed that use keyboard shortcuts? I use one that creates “vim-like” keyboard shortcuts for navigating websites, but disable it for any sites that define their own keyboard shortcuts, because they often conflict.

I use Google Chrome, and I have a number of extensions installed. I just ran Livebook on Firebox, but same problem.

However, I think what you suggest cannot be the source of the issue. I edit LaTeX files in Overleaf (an online service for everything related to LaTeX), and in their online editor CTRL-/ is also assigned to toggling line comments. So, it is weird.

I’ve the same issue with germany layout on Mac OS and Firefox within livebook.