Too many manual (mouse clicks on the browser's reload button) page reloads in blank (white) empty page in Firefox

If I start clicking on the reload button with my mouse in Firefox then after a sixth or so click the page doesn’t reload but stays white (blank) with nothing displayed.

What is interesting is that if I right click on this blank page and select “View Page Source” the source code that is shown in the new tab seems to be here. But perhaps to show the source code the browser just makes another request and not actually using what it has at the exact moment, right?

Anyway, after the next click on reload, the page shows normally.

This doesn’t happen in Chrome. I have tried to click like a maniac for a minute but Chrome displayed the page correctly all the time.

This is not a huge problem, people who furiously click on the reload button kind of deserve this behavior ;D .

But still, do any of you know why this happens? And why only in Firefox and not in Chrome?

Do any of you have possible remedy that would make Firefox behave like Chrome and display the page even when somebody is clicking the refresh button too quickly in a row?

the firefox reload button turns into a cancel button (X) - when you press that it stops rendering, and thus get a white screen.

don’t know how chrome works.

Wow, this is an interesting find. Thanks for this info. By the way Chrome’s reload button turns into X as well. But I guess they can somehow detect that you don’t want to stop the process and keep reloading. Chrome is much better than Firefox except the Font dev tab and perhaps a few other things. Probably spies on you less as well ;D