Tooling of full cycle of application development

Hi guys, i’ve been wondering about perfect development stack covering full cycle.
In my mind that’s would be a perfect common case pak of technologies and practises. If we could build that community bootstrap strategies, i strongly believe it would increase productivity for everyone

For example in my opinion that would be the following parts:

  • Preparing
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Deployment
  • Moniroring

Preparing an droplet on AWS, DO or Azure with some tool, Setting up default production ready environemen with fail2ban, firewall, app-specific user, permissions and so on using Ansible. Or ship with docker.

Development and testing are pretty covered already, but describing something general like CI would be good.
Benchmarking application with for example benchfella, probably during CI too,
Deployment after all acceptance tests with, for example edeliver, writing hot code upgrades,
Monitoring running application with Zabbix, exometer, maybe storing metrices in InfluxDB

and so on,
What do you think guys, is there a silver bullet full cycle tooling or it is more specific to project overall? Do not forget that’s a pretty newbie position, i do not even sure about described points in a first list. (Maybe there are some academic guideline about that?)

PS. I just realized that i’m gathering that best practises in a note for myself and probalby not only me.
PSS. I really sorry for my English((


I have operated systems for quite some time, and I can say 100% there is no silver bullet.

At DNSimple we use a variety of environments, from managed hardware, to AWS, to Heroku. We also use different programming languages, including Elixir now. There simply is not one right path because the requirements for each project vary. Sometimes you need hardware because there will be no way to accomplish what you need to do without control over the core hardware or network stack.

Nothing wrong with developing a guide for cases you have actually operated under, it’ll still be quite useful to many people I’m sure, just avoid falling into the trap of believing that any solution you present is the only solution.