Tools or Best Practices for Managing and Restructuring Translations?

This is a two-part question: Tooling and Restructuring.

1. Tooling

I have been having trouble finding good tooling to help manage translations for non-devs. I’ve tried several different tools, but I haven’t had a good experience. Are there any apps/tools you’ve found to be a good experience?

Tools tried:

Common issues I’ve encountered:

  • Regenerating pot/po files from scratch, losing the elixir references placed in comments
  • clunky/slow interfaces, making it super tedious to use
  • poor quality GitHub integrations
  • Can’t view other languages transitions when editing, often only the msgid (a big problem when using synthetic keys)

2. Restructuring

As our app has grown and our product matures, our domains/contexts also need to evolve. This does not seem like an easy task. For example, changing the domain of an existing translation severs the relationship between the usage in a .heex template and the PO/POT files. Changing the domain of a translation also requires a dev to manually move existing translation entries to the new file for each locale. Are there ways to manage this with less tedium?

All suggestions are welcome! I am happy to contribute, add a feature, or otherwise enhance an OSS tool that is close to what we need.