Tools to create UMLs CRCs or CodeMaps automatically for Phoenix app analogous to the ones offered for .Net

I would like to know if you know of any automatic tools for generating diagrams such as UMLs CR cards or a code map for a Phoenix application similar to those offered by VS to .Net devs or to what doxygen is for Java developers.
I have a tool to generate ERDs and I have used the observer to get a process chart but I would like to know if there is more I can use.

Thank you

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.NET is built around class-based object orientation. UML is a class-based object orientated notation - though there are some profiles that repurpose parts of it. Given that Phoenix isn’t based on class-based OO it is highly unlikely that any such tooling exists.

Personally I never found the output of these types of tools worthwhile as they only tend to bury you in a mountain of absurd implementation detail. Often their use also tends to go hand-in-hand with a code-first, runaway tech debt culture .

It usually takes a person who understands the system to partition the design information in an appropriate manner and create various perspectives where only the relevant details are emphasized.


Yeah I know and I agree with you on the whole line, but these diagrams are for a dissertation and they are kind of expected as part of a design document so I was looking to something like them that I could include instead… the dept is not big on functional programming yet

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Tools have a tendency to focus on the static aspects of the codebase. However documentation about the dynamic aspects is usually a lot more helpful towards creating understanding. To that end I would focus on Activity and Sequence diagrams for interesting process interactions and module dependencies. So in a Microsoft environment grab a barebones version of Visio, load a UML stencil and get at it.


Thanks man, I really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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