Toolshed - IEx helpers for working with Nerves and more

Toolshed is a set of IEx helpers that I’ve collected or others have given me over the years to make working at the IEx prompt more enjoyable. If you’ve done any development with Nerves, you’ve probably missed some Linux command line utilities. While it’s possible to add them, the experience isn’t the same. This project tries to add Elixir versions and a few other utilities that have come in handy. Here’s a sample:

  1. top - like top, but instead of OS processes, list Elixir processes and their applications
  2. tping - check if a computer is up. (the t is for TCP since it tests connecting to port 80)
  3. tree - list a directory tree like a tree
  4. ifconfig - list network interfaces
  5. exit - exit an ssh connection to the IEx prompt (no more ~.)
  6. grep - print out lines in a file that match a regular expression
  7. nslookup - resolve hostnames using OTP’s resolver

See the hex docs for the rest.

None of these utilities is particularly long or complicated. The original Linux utility or a purpose-built debug tool is far superior to any one of them. For me, having a simple, quick-to-type version available at the IEx prompt has saved me time and made them worth it. I hope it will help you too. Please let me know if you have code snippets that you similarly copy from project to project that may make sense to include here as well.


And please no one ask what color to paint it