Towards a Catalog of Refactorings for Elixir

Hello everyone, how are you?

Many of you may be familiar with the research we are conducting at UFMG, Brazil, on software quality for systems developed with Elixir. In the first part of our research, we published two papers on Code Smells in Elixir and made a GitHub repository available, which has become quite popular. This catalog of code smells (anti-patterns) is even being incorporated into the Elixir official documentation.

Currently, we are embarking on the second phase of our research (still ongoing), where we are proposing a Catalog of Refactorings for Elixir. The preliminary results of this stage of our research can be seen in the links below:

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Nice! Very good work. Maybe the ultimate endgame would be to introduce tooling that can make those automatically. Would be super exciting.


Yes! That would be very interesting, and we intend to achieve that in the future. Perhaps an adaptation for Credo and also a plugin for VS Code, for example. :smiley:

Or something like this GitHub - hrzndhrn/recode: A linter with autocorrection and a refactoring tool.