Trouble rendering Ecto.Enum array in LiveView

I’m having trouble rendering an Ecto.Enum array field in liveview.
Here’s the offending heex line:

<:item title="Services offered"><%= @facility.services_offered %></:item>

and here’s the line in my schema:

field :services_offered, {:array, Ecto.Enum}, values: [:dance, :swim, :yoga]

and this is the error it gives me:

 ** (ArgumentError) lists in Phoenix.HTML and templates may only contain integers representing bytes, binaries or other lists, got invalid entry: :dance
       (phoenix_html 3.3.1) lib/phoenix_html/safe.ex:81: Phoenix.HTML.Safe.List.to_iodata/1
       (phoenix_html 3.3.1) lib/phoenix_html/safe.ex:49: Phoenix.HTML.Safe.List.to_iodata/1
       (parity 0.1.0) lib/myapp_web/live/facility_live/index.ex:68: anonymous fn/3 in MyAppWeb.FacilityLive.Index.render/1

Any pointers here? Googling has gotten me nowhere.

You can’t render a list of atoms. You should convert it to something representable. For example:

<:item title="Services offered"><%= Enum.map_join(@facility.services_offered, ", ", &to_string/1)  %></:item>

or You can try this…
<:item title="Services offered"><%= inspect @facility.services_offered %></:item>

I get that, but it seems like LiveView automatically renders atoms from enums correctly, as I have a single-select enum type already and it renders fine (without me casting all of the enums to string) It seems like maybe this should be fixed in Phoenix.Safe?

The problem is not on Phoenix. When you try to interpolate a term, Kernel.to_string/1 is called on the term. The implementation for atom is simply Atom.to_string/1. The implementation for lists raises the error you’re seeing: elixir/list.ex at v1.14.4 · elixir-lang/elixir · GitHub.

It’s happening in Phoenix.Html.Safe : phoenix_html/safe.ex at main · phoenixframework/phoenix_html · GitHub

I think maybe it could have a line like

def to_iodata(h) when is_atom(h) do: 

but I’m super new to phoenix, so I could be way off!

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You’re actually right, my bad :slight_smile:
But the reasoning is the same from List.to_string/1, I guess.

Not at all, I appreciate the help!

I created a PR for this here: Add support for lists of atoms by loganmac · Pull Request #422 · phoenixframework/phoenix_html · GitHub

I‘d expect lists are not supported by design. The implementation for lists seems to be there to support the structure of iodata/iolists, rather than lists of user provided values.