Trouble updating item through Ecto.Adapters.DynamoDB

I am trying to update an item in the DynamoDB through the Ecto.Adapters.DynamoDB library. The table has a hash key of accountId as N and title as the range key which is of type S. When the adapter library makes the request through ExAWS the accountId is being converted to a string and is failing the validation check.
I believe the issue is here: ecto_adapters_dynamodb/ecto_adapters_dynamodb.ex at main · circles-learning-labs/ecto_adapters_dynamodb · GitHub
where the _field_type is being ignored so something like [%{"accountId" => %{"N" => "1"}] is converted to [{"accountId", "1"} and the type information is lost.

has anyone run into a similar issue and has any workarounds? Thanks!