Trying to find documentation to deal with form elements beyond <.form>, <.input> such as checkbox, dropdown

I’m trying to find documentation that covers other types such checkboxes, dropdown boxes, radio, etc. I can’t find any documentation that helps with create a form that would require elements other than basic button and text input which is shown below. Thanks in advance

<.form for={@form} phx-submit="save">
        <.input field={@form[:name]} placeholder="Name" autocomplete="off" />
        <.button phx-disable-with="Saving...">
          Check In

These are generated in lib/your_app_web/components/core_component.ex when you start a Phoenix project to give you more control over them. input and button are also in there, it’s only form that comes right from the library. All input field components are defined as input: <input type="checkbox">, <input type="textarea">, <input type="select">, etc.


Thanks very much. I had a hunch that was the case but I couldn’t find anything to make that clear.