Trying to get hold of the author of ex-multicodec

I have made a pull request against the ex-multicodec repo in Github. GitHub - nocursor/ex-multicodec: Elixir library for encoding and decoding data using the Multicodec standard.

The author hasn’t had any activity in years. 5 years, I believe. I have reached out to github, but they aren’t even allowed to say whether the user has logged in at all the last 5 years. The package is not really usable in it’s current format.

Does anyone have contact with the author or ideas on how to advance here?

The standard open source answer is to simply fork the repo and move on.


If you are interested in maintaining it, there is a process to take ownership of the hex package. You have to have emailed the owner and had no response after 30 days, then persuade the hex team to give you ownership.


Done. I sent an email to the author and support. Will now wait 30 days or until reply. Thanks for the info.

Namespace clutter is not good for the enviroment IMO. I mean sometimes it’s necessary, but I’d rather not see the hex-space end up like the npm namespace. Sometimes there’s just too much code. :slight_smile:

I believe it to be worthwhile to have a few good libraries rather then dozens of personal flavors. They should be welcome, but not the normal way to do things. Again IMHO.

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Sorry you didn’t mention hex in your original post, I thought you were simply referring to the GitHub code.

Ah, Sry. My bad.