Trying to improve compile times of project, but I don't understand the reason for some compile dependencies

I’m currently trying to improve the compilation times of a project I’m working on, by removing dependencies between modules. One hotspot is caused by the user socket or rather the channel/3-macro.

The socket looks something like this

defmodule MyAppWeb.UserSocket do
  use Phoenix.Socket
  use Absinthe.Phoenix.Socket, schema: MyAppWeb.Graphql.Schema

  channel "my_topic:*", MyAppWeb.Channel.MyTopic

And calling mix xref trace reveals the following compile dependencies.

$ mix xref trace lib/my_project/channels/user_socket.ex
lib/my_project/shared/channels/user_socket.ex:3: alias MyProject.Graphql.Schema (compile)
lib/my_project/shared/channels/user_socket.ex:9: alias MyProjectWeb (compile)

I’m looking at the implementation of channel/3, but I don’t see a reason why there is a compile dependency. Does someone know why and how to avoid it?