Trying to trace a request through each function

I’m watching Chris McCord’s original video on his design for Phoenix and I’m trying to follow along with the files that he is looking at because I really want to be able to follow a request from beginning to end, but I assume a lot of the files have changed their names and/or locations and/or purpose; or I’m just looking in completely the wrong place!

Just as an example, he mentions a file called mapper.ex that I can’t find in my generated app. Is it somewhere inside the actual phoenix installation? If so…then where is that?

This video is fairly old, I believe that Phoenix project structure has indeed evolved quite a bit since 2014 :wink:
So if you used the latest version of the generator, you probably won’t be able to follow it, I’d suggest either some more up-to-date material, or if you really want to follow this video to use the same version?

I tried to find the equivalent of mapper.ex in today’s phoenix, I think it now lives under Phoenix.Router and is not part of the generated code anymore:

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