Trying to update my project live_view to 20.1 got some weird error

I am trying to update the phoenix live_view version to 20.1, and the previous version was updated a few days ago to 19.5. While I can see dependencies for 19.5 and 20.1 are almost the same but got some weird error as below while trying to upgrade.

While trying to upgrade to 20.1

I am very keen on this upgrade because of the new addition of assign_async macro…Its a kind of macro that blends with our needs.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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can you show us the version of mix.exs deps section after you altered it with updates?

It is an issue with the error message: Conflicting declarations for path dependencies are not tracked · Issue #972 · hexpm/hex · GitHub (fix not yet released)

Hex is resolving the dependencies and the resulting set is empty. Try running mix deps.tree or look at lock file to see anything that may be restricting the LiveView update.

Yes, the issue was with another library that uses live_view 19.0 and restricted the update. Fortunately, that was also our own library and I have upgraded that one as well. Now, I can update it successfully.

Thanks @josevalim

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