Trying to use joystick - Can't see/access /dev/input/js0 on RPi3

I am using the Joystick package (which I am also now maintaining) to connect to a USB joystick. I have no issues when I am on my Linux machine, but I have not been successful with the same code on a Raspberry Pi 3.

When I plug the joystick into my desktop and execute ls /dev/input, there are two additional results (compared to before plugging it in), event16 and js0.
With the RPi3, I only see an additional event1, but there is no js0, which is the device the code will try to open. Does anyone know how I can get js0 to become available?

Apologies if my terminology is all over the place. This is a little more low-level than I’m used to.
Thanks in advance!

Never used / interfaced a joystick, but what usually helps is dmesg after plugging the device in.

Then when you know what the device is called, see if you got access rights.

If it doesn’t work, you may need some drivers?

If this is on nerves I think you might want to take a look at input_event:


Oh, that looks perfect! I needed to know about keyboard input too, so you just solved TWO of my problems. Thanks! :raised_hands:

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