Trying to write my own tracker

Hello, everyone
I’m trying to write my own tracker but failing really hard.

I followed those links:

Presence is working as expected, but my Tracker is not being called on handle_diff

(It’s an exact copy paste from those things, but as soon as I get home, I’ll write a small demo)

What I want to do with my own tracker is: When a user leaves the topic, I want to clean up his resources.
Taking into account that one user can have multiple connections to the channel (that’s why I’m trying to use Phoenix.Presence, but if there’s a better option it’s welcome)

Thanks for you attention!

Edit: Simple repo with my modifications (

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After taking some time to read the source code, I realized that Phoenix.Presence is a Phoenix.Tracker implementation. Thus it makes no sense to make Phoenix.Presence use my custom Tracker