- a passwordless authentication service

Hi forum. We are working on an Elixir project that recently went live and hoped it is of interest to some of you here.

What? is a service for a smooth passwordless login.
Both magic link and web crypto api’s are used to authenticate, giving your users the best experience.

For the developer a super simple integration is offered. It’s a single script tag on the front end and a single API call on the back end, think Stripe checkout.

Our API obscures the users’ private data by default. (You can receive it if needed).
This frees you up from thinking about many Data Privacy requirements, depending on your usecase and where else you collect data from.

p.s. that screenshot which says it’s free, that’s the page for your users. For site owners 1K active user accounts start at $29 per month.


We built because we think the passwordless future is coming soon.

  • The number of passwords each of us has to remember is still increasing.
  • Device API’s (like crypto) are available in more devices than ever.
  • Running a web service has an increasing obligation to look after your users data.

Once a large number of sites start offering a passwordless solution, those who still use passwords are going to start looking dated or, even worse, untrustworthy.

Current status is up and running and ready for customers who want to get ahead of the passwordless curve.
You can try the experience out now by visiting our community site

The Code

The structure of our codebase is deliberately simple.
We deploy on Heroku, and use Postgres for all our datastorage needs. We serve a JSON API to our Single Page App front end.

The front end uses sveltejs this keeps it extra lean - important when we want to load our page in other sites.

There is only one backend service and that is 100% Elixir. Elixir was chosen because the process model works very well with our requirements. We have some long lived connections that push data to the client to help the users through the process.


Site for Business owners

This site is for people running websites who might use Kno. They are our actual customers.

There is more information around feature benefits, and also pricing.

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Free tier now available.

Users can now create there own secure applications on, previously we had concierge approach to onboarding.

As part of this we have set up a free tier that should really help for development and testing. We hope you enjoy it and if you have any question do reach out to me or email


Phoenix server integration now available

We have released the first version of the Kno elixir library. It ships with a Plug/Phoenix integration.

It takes just two small changes to passwordless authentication to a new phoenix application.

Add the plug middleware to your endpoint.

plug Kno.Plug.Session, success_redirect: "/dashboard"

Add the sign in/out button to your template

<%= Kno.Plug.session_buttons(@conn) %>

Once that has been done any controller can use Kno.Plug.persona_id(conn) to see the authenticated user.

See the docs for setup details.


trykno is Dead, DID is it’s successor

New name, new focus

lots was learnt from building trykno last year but we have changed name and focus.
It’s not just the name that has changed, we have also refocused on adopting open standards.

Now we support OpenID Connect as the main way to integrate with our passwordless authentication service.
We are also building in support for WebAuthn both developments mean you have to put less trust in our choice and rely on the wisdom of those who have though through this all before.

We will shortly be relaunching

If you would like to test out the service we are ready to onboard a few early adopters. Reach out to us at We will happily walk you through the process and can answer any questions you have on passwordless, SSO, OAuth, OIDC, WebAuthN (and other acronyms)