Tus protocol implementation

Hey guys, I have a request for CloudFlare Stream Implementation. After going over the API docs one way of doing it is to use Tus protocol. I’ll need to handle large video files 2gig and more. I have also found an Elixir package for Tus protocol.
@LostKobrakai did you ever use the Tus package? Is Anyone else using the Tus package? Thanks.


We’re using that package for resumable/large uploads. Unfortunately the author decided to purge it from GitHub, so I was forced to copy it into our umbrella app to manage it ourselves. I made quite a few improvements to the code and also made sure that dialyzer attests its cleanness.

I could ask my company if they’d let me publish the code, but to be honest it wasn’t state of the art to begin with and if somebody implemented the protocol from scratch they’d come up with a better package. As always it’s also a question of who continues to maintain the package and I’m already involved with enough things. :slight_smile:

In any case, I can try to help a bit where possible. :+1:

The Tus package that you linked is a server implementation, not a client one, if the client is going to upload straight from the browser to the cloudflare stream you’re going to need javascript, AFAIK there is no tus client implementation in elixir.

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Hey @aziz thanks, no worries thank you for the answer, if I need help I’ll @ you, I think I’ll just go with the JavaScript library they have.