Two function in one time

Hi everyone.This is my first post.I’m sorry for newby question but I have problem with invoke two function in one time.I was created client for RabbitMQ. While I was starting this script sequence of execute function depends on which function is implementation first in method START.Talking about features listen_for_messages(channel, queue_data.queue) and wait_for_message(user, channel).I want to both features “listen” in one time.Function wait_for_message it’s responsible for text which user write while listen_for_messages it’s responsible for recieve messages from another client. Please give me any suggestion because i have no idea how solve this problem.This is my CODE:

defmodule ElixirChat do

  def start do
    user = IO.gets("Type in your name: ") |> String.strip
    IO.puts "Hi #{user}, you just joined a chat room! Type your message in and press enter."

    {:ok, conn} =
    {:ok, channel} =
    {:ok, queue_data } = AMQP.Queue.declare(channel, "")

    AMQP.Exchange.fanout(channel, "")
    AMQP.Queue.bind(channel, queue_data.queue, "")

		**listen_for_messages(channel, queue_data.queue)**
**		wait_for_message(user, channel)**

  def display_message(user, message) do
    IO.puts "#{user}: #{message}"

  def wait_for_message(user, channel) do
     message = IO.gets("") |> String.strip
     publish_message(user, message, channel)
     wait_for_message(user, channel)

  def listen_for_messages(channel, queue_name) do
	  AMQP.Basic.consume(channel,queue_name,nil,no_ack: true)
  	receive do
  		{:basic_deliver, payload, _meta}->
  		{status, list} = JSON.decode(payload)
		  display_message(list["user"], list["message"])
		  listen_for_messages(channel, queue_name) 


  def publish_message(user, message, channel) do
    { :ok, data } = JSON.encode([user: user, message: message])
    AMQP.Basic.publish channel, "", "", data


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Try running the listen_for_messages function in another process using spawn:

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Yeah I’d spool it up in a new Task, which is a simple wrapper around spawn with convenience methods (and can be fit into OTP supervisors, but ignore that part for now)> :slight_smile:


Hi.@mbuhot.Many thanks for help. This is saved me a lot of time.I didn’t think that could be so simple.It’s WORKING:)