TWO Million Checkboxes - A LiveView-Clone of

I built a LiveView clone of the popular website. It runs at and uses :ets and Presence under the hood.

It runs okay, but the UX could use some love. If you have a clue on how I could, for example, make the scrolling smoother, I’m all ears :slightly_smiling_face:

The code is on GitHub: GitHub - PJUllrich/twomillioncheckboxes: A reimplementation of the origin One Million Checkboxes page

There’s also a discussion over on the Elixir Slack: Slack

I also submitted it to Hacker News, so an upvote over there would be much appreciated as well!


After my post went to the top page of Hacker News, I had a huge spike of HTTP requests which exhausted the 1gb memory. I’ve upgraded now to the “performance-2x” machinen with 16GB on Fly.

Let’s wait and pray now.


Are you sure it is not the concurrency limits that crashed it?
I am pretty sure the default is around 100.

hmm, no I had currency between 150 and 200 lately, that’s not the issue. Do you see the traffic spike here? I think that blew up the memory usage which led to some crashes.

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Yes you are right. Awesome demo. Congratulations.

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This is interesting

This is such a great demo of the strengths of Elixir and LiveView.

How is it going now ? The server graphs ?