Two resources on BEAM internals

Today there were a couple of nice resources posted on reddit covering the internals of the BEAM virtual machine. For those curious about such things here, I thought I’d echo them here:

Erlang’s Internal Data Representation by Ed Fine


The Beam Book - “A description of the Erlang Runtime System ERTS and the virtual Machine BEAM. This is an attempt to document how the internals of the Erlang Runtime System work.” By Erik Stenman who has been lecturing on the topic at Chalmers. I have generated a PDF of the book to save others from the annoyance of installing the latex tools :slight_smile:

Nice stuff in both resources … enjoy!


Another one I like is


The Beam Book looks really interesting. Started reading it already.

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Thanks for compiling the PDF!

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Great work with that Beam Book :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.